zondag 13 juli 2014

Let's colour!

Later this year Asics will be dropping
 this amazing mint green Asics Gel Lyte III".
Eventhough it's still summer, my mind for some
crazy reason is already wandering off to fall/winter.
And one thing I love when it comes to fall/winter
is that you don't only have to wear knitwear.
You can dress a simple tee and jeans outfit 
with this colorfoul jacket from river island.
You can top it off with this awesome Asics and
fun bag from H&M.
When the sneaker will be available is not known yet.
But as soon as this is known, you'll sure be able to read 
it here.

Jacket: River Island, Bag: H&M,
 Sneakers: Sunika (soon available)

vrijdag 20 juni 2014


   There's nothing better than a bit of
 black on black sneakers in life. 
   These awesome reebok Hi exotics just came out.
 You can finish them off
   with an awesome jungle themed bomber jacke
t and a beautiful leather clutch. 
   Don't let these sexy sneakers pass you by. 

  Jacket: River island, Clutch: FabbyFabienne, Sneakers: Sunika

dinsdag 3 juni 2014

Bright grape

Have you been looking for a couple of Air Jordan's with a twist? 
Then look no further. On June 7th 2014 the Air Jordan 6 comes with 
this awesome "Bright Grape".
Pair these cool sneakers with a cool bomberjacket 
and/or this sleek leather bag.
People will sure stop and stare.

zondag 4 mei 2014

Do it... Initial style!

Available at :

For quite a while now I had my eyes on this
fun new trend... Initial jewelry.
I was looking around on different sites to decide 
where I would order them from. 
So, there's this site I've been following for a while 
It's a fun website where you can buy from 
trendy clothes to accesories.
I bought the initial bracelet for my best friend Manon
and myself. 
And I decided to make a moment out of it.
We went out on a girl's day. 
After dinner we opened the packages together.
We both are in love with our bracelets.
It's a fun gold plated bracelet I use as armcandy 
with the rest of my accesories I wear
on a daily basis.
And I find it to be a fun accesory to give as 
a gift.
On you can buy not only 
the initial bracelet but also the necklace.
They sell both in gold and silver.
And to make it even better...
The bracelet which is normally €9,95 is now on
sale for €8,-.
The necklace was €14,95 and is now €10,-.
Isn't that the BEST deal!
Don't miss out on this and top of your today
with one or both of these beatiful initial jewelry.
Get yours at

Fashion love,

zondag 20 april 2014

Say it with... Flowers


Happy Easter everyone!!
Lately I've really been into flowers. I have some
flowery pieces in my closet I'm dying to wear.
Only I still find the weather a bit poor to top an
ensemble off with flowers.
But to stay inspired and hope for flowery weather
a couple of inspirational pictures.
Have a blessed day with
your family and friends.
Fashion love,

zaterdag 12 april 2014

Coachella inspired

It's Coachella time...
In California the awesome Coachella festival started yesterday.
I follow it on social media and I have to admit...
I would like to experience it once.
When it comes to fashion, there's an unbelievable freedom
 in the outfits that people wear.
it's such a hippie, bohemian and free-spirited environment
that let people completely express themselves.
There's nothing more fun than that when it comes
to fashion.
It's inspiring to see all the different outfits for summer and
festival time here in the Netherlands.
It's so much fun to be able to wear cut out shirts and shorts.
Or get the maxi dress out with a flowery hairband.
And finish both outfits off with booties.
Are your excited for summer time?
Great part of it is... When it comes to your outfits you can't
go wrong this summer.
The more creative and free you are... The better!!

donderdag 20 maart 2014

Let spring begin... With the white sneaker

Today is the 1st of spring.
And I don't know about you butI couldn't be happier myself.
The sun and warm temperature give me, as most of you,
lots of energy and makes me want to start the day and
make the most of it.
And as the transistion of a dark winter to a sunny spring is
 happening it makes me want to start changing what sneakers
I want to wear.
And what better way to change it up this upcoming spring/summer
with what already is a huge trend.
The white sneaker!
There are different white sneakers where you can choose from.
At the moment there are two white sneakers that in my eye are
as present today as they were years ago.
The Stan Smith's by Adidasand the white Chuck Taylor's by Converse.
These sneakers have been around for years and are just amazing classics.
They're sneakers that can be worn with a great pair of jeans, shirt
and long coat. They can also be worn with a skirt, an oversized sweater
and jacket.
Converse gives you one more option. You can choose the low or
 the high white chucks.
I'm pretty torn between these two, because there is no comparison.
Each one has it's own history and are jems all on their own.
Which one will you be choosing upcoming sunny seasons?
Is there a choice to be made?
If you ask me.. I'd say no.
These two sneakers will top off your today and I can
guarantee that you'll feel good wearing either and
you'll be ready to enjoy the upcoming season!
Fashion love,